Project One Way is a non-profit organization that invests in young people’s ideas for their community. Our mission is to provide young people with the expertise, experience and tools to bring their ideas to life. We are committed to showing youth that their ideas matter, and that their ideas can impact the people of the nation’s capital.


Our Work

We believe in investing in ideas through the following means:


·      Financial: By fundraising and partnering with businesses in the District to provide start-up capital for young people.


·      Skills: By providing workshops that enable young people to launch their idea (i.e. business planning, pitching, fundraising, marketing)


·      Time: We thoroughly believe in providing regular mentorship and spaces for creative collaboration to develop and cultivate young people’s ideas. 


·      Expertise: We draw on the expertise and knowledge of our partners to provide insight into their successes and failures with business.


·      Social: We introduce and expose young people to a new social network and aim to work with those across all socio-economic backgrounds.